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Are Dental Implants My Best Tooth Replacement Option?

The good thing about dental implants is that, for patients who qualify, the implant posts reestablish several vital functions that keep your jawbone and oral structures healthy for life. For instance, implant posts replace your teeth roots and stimulate your jawbone every time you bite and chew, promoting a healthy flow of nutrients to your jawbone and the rest of your teeth. To find out if implants are your best option, your dentist will carefully examine your teeth, gums, and oral tissues to make sure that their healthy enough to support them.

Why Implants Are Popular
The ability to reestablish vital stimulation in your jawbone is one of the biggest reasons why dentists recommend dental implants for their patients. The more immediate benefits, such as improved comfort and stability and a more lifelike appearance, are among the biggest reasons why patients choose to switch to dental implants. For both your immediate and long-term oral health, dental implants offer significant advantages that other prosthetic options can’t match.

What You May Need to Do First
Dental implants are designed to facilitate osseointegration, or the fusing of your jawbone to the implant posts’ surfaces. For this to be successful, however, your jawbone must still retain enough strength, mass, and density to support the posts. Before recommending implant placement, your dentist will thoroughly examine your oral health and jawbone structure using digital imaging equipment to determine your eligibility. If necessary, you may require a jawbone graft before your implant procedure.

Find Out if You Qualify for Dental Implant Placement
In most cases, dental implants are the best way to replace lost teeth, though your dentist will first make sure that your gums are healthy and your jawbone is strong enough to support the implant posts. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Oxnard Dentistry in Oxnard, CA, today at (805) 604-9999. We also proudly serve patients from in and around Camarillo, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Moore Park, and all surrounding communities.

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