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Preventing Cavities in Children of All Ages

Children’s dentistry isn’t just about treating kids’ teeth, but about giving them the tools they need to take care of their smiles for life. For instance, during regular checkups and cleanings, we help teach kids the importance of good hygiene and how to practice it as well as perform examinations and dental cleanings. However, because children aren’t always as effective at sticking to a hygiene routine as adults are, they can often benefit from a few additional preventive measures, especially those aimed at preventing cavity development.

How Cavities Become a Threat
Cavities are the most common chronic condition among school-aged children, which makes them one of the greatest threats to your child’s dental health. That’s because cavities don’t need much to develop; they’re caused by the harmful substances produced by oral bacteria that naturally inhabit our mouths and form dental plaque. These substances erode the protective layer of enamel around healthy teeth, allowing harmful bacteria to reach a tooth’s main structure and infect it. The decay that results causes a cavity, or hole, to form in the tooth and grow larger until treated.

A Variety of Preventive Measures
The good news is that, while children may take some time to overcome the learning curve in daily hygiene, children’s dentistry provides a number of preventive measures for additional protection. For example, fluoride treatments can strengthen a child’s tooth enamel to protect it better against oral bacteria. This can prolong enamel erosion and subsequent tooth decay development. Also, dental sealants can be applied to a child’s molars to provide an additional barrier between teeth and the bacteria and food particles that accelerate tooth decay.

Learn More About Cavity Prevention for Children
For children, cavity prevention is one of the most important focuses of general dental care. To schedule a consultation, call Oxnard Dentistry in Oxnard, CA, today at (805) 604-9999. We also proudly serve patients from in and around Camarillo, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Moore Park, and all surrounding communities.

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