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What if My Tooth Is Cracked?

A cracked or fractured tooth isn’t typically a discreet issue. Even if you don’t remember damaging your tooth, the subsequent pain can warn you that your tooth needs to be fixed. However, if the discomfort isn’t particularly severe, then you might not consider the situation an emergency. If your tooth is cracked, then seeking treatment as soon as possible is essential to preventing further damage and protecting your smile from more extensive complications.  

If You Notice the Damage
In most cases, a cracked tooth is the result of accidental trauma or excessive pressure on your teeth. If you’ve suffered a traumatic blow to the mouth or face, then you might immediately realize that the force has cracked your tooth. Once you notice it, you should schedule an emergency visit with your dentist to restore the tooth as soon as possible. If the discomfort is severe, then you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever to lessen it until your scheduled dental appointment.

If Your Tooth’s Crack Isn’t Visible
Absent any obvious physical damage, you might not realize that your tooth is cracked at first. For instance, if you experience bruxism, then the constant grinding can wear down and damage your teeth before you realize it. If a crack remains unnoticed and untreated for long enough, it can grow larger, making your tooth weaker and more susceptible to tooth decay. Fortunately, your dentist will carefully check your teeth, gums, and oral tissues during every routine checkup and cleaning appointment. If your tooth is cracked, then he can detect it and recommend appropriate treatment.

Call Our Office if Your Tooth Is Cracked
If your tooth is cracked, fractured, or broken, then seek restorative treatment with your dentist as soon as possible. To schedule a consultation, call Oxnard Dentistry in Oxnard, CA, today at (805) 604-9999. We also proudly serve patients from in and around Camarillo, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Moore Park, and all surrounding communities.

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