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Why You Should Consider Invisalign®

If you never wore braces as a child, then you may believe that you will never need them. However, crooked teeth can affect patients of all ages, and for a wide variety of reasons. The bad news is that ignoring crooked teeth as an adult can lead to increasingly more serious dental health issues, including increased risks of tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, and more. The good news is that many patients can avoid these risks by straightening their crooked teeth, and with Invisalign®, you may not need metal braces.

Straight Teeth Are Important
As an adult, you may worry about your smile’s appearance more than you did as a child. Therefore, the main concern for adults with crooked teeth is often improving the overall appearance of their smiles. Nevertheless, straightening crooked teeth is about more than just improving how your smile looks; proper alignment is also necessary for your bite to function properly. To help patients enjoy straighter, more attractive, and more functional smiles, Invisalign® clear aligners can provide the same results as traditional orthodontic braces, but with the benefit of clear, nearly invisible aligners.

Invisalign® Doesn’t Involve Traditional Braces
Braces are designed to straighten crooked teeth with the help of brackets and wires. The brackets are bonded to your teeth securely, and then threaded with arch wire to provide the tension necessary for orthodontic tooth movement. By contrast, Invisalign® works through a series of clear aligners that are custom-designed to guide crooked teeth into straighter positions. The aligners are virtually invisible to keep your treatment discreet, and they can be temporarily removed so you can brush and floss your teeth or eat with ease.

Ask Your Dentist About Invisalign® Treatment
If you wish for a straighter smile, then speak with your dentist about choosing Invisalign® clear aligners as an alternative to traditional braces. To schedule a consultation, call Oxnard Dentistry in Oxnard, CA, today at (805) 604-9999. We also proudly serve patients from in and around Camarillo, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Moore Park, and all surrounding communities.

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